About Us

VanIsleBrands prides itself on its customer service, and our in-store merchandisers will be visiting all of our customers at least twice per year. 

Where possible we try to deliver product(s) directly to our customers as it allows our merchandisers to ensure you have the right product mix to meet your customers interests, and that we do our very best to help you display and sell products in an attractive, cost-effective and cost-efficient manner. During these visits our merchandisers will clean racks and replace any damaged or broken display pieces. 

VIB is happy to ship all website, email or phone orders. There are no additional handling fees, so you will only be charged the exact postage and/or costs for special packaging that may be required to ensure the safe delivery of your order. Shipping costs will be reflected on your Invoice. Invoices will be sent by email once orders are shipped to ensure all costs are listed and accurate.